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SWTOR: Galactic Starfighter – First Impressions 2

Galactic Starfighter


I got the chance to play a few matches of Galactic Starfighter when it was on the public test server. Other than knowing I would most likely get a lot of enjoyment out of it in the future (I like dogfighting games!), I really didn’t dive too deep into it, because I wanted to save it for live.

Yesterday GS went live and I got to play four or five matches. So far I am enjoying it as much as I figured it would, and I’ve made a few observations.

  • One GS match was getting me roughly 3/4s the amount of XP I earn on the same character in a normal war zone match. I am thinking between Warzones and GS matches that if one chooses, doing planetary side quests will not really be necessary. This is great news for my upcoming Imperial Agent/Sniper alt.
  • Gunships are damn cool. Sniping from a moving star ship? Say it ain’t so. The gameplay is a bit slower than on the other two classes of ship, but it’s a nice little break from the run and gun tactics I was using with the Scout and Strike Fighters.
  • Scout ships are even more cool. Fast and deadly, can’t take a lot of damage but if played right, can avoid the damage anyway. My best matches were in the S-12 Blackbolt, Imperial Scout ship.
  • I find playing the strike fighter to be pretty… meh. Maybe I just haven’t quite figured it out yet.
  • Two matches earned enough points to buy my first upgrade. That seems to be pretty good timing. Other games I’ve played with similar progress methods took 6-7 matches of getting obliterated before earning enough points to get any upgrades that would help.


All in all, for a free game update, I think SWTOR has hit it out of the park. It wont help you at all if you don’t PVP, but if you do, it’s a whole lot of fun and a great minigame that I could very easily see being the main attraction for a number of SWTOR players.


My first match on the live server. Not to shabby!

My first match on the live server. Not to shabby!

2 thoughts on “SWTOR: Galactic Starfighter – First Impressions

  1. Reply Ajay Dec 4,2013 2:24 PM

    Which one is your character? If you can draw little attention, gunships are great!

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