No Gaming for You! ESO, LOTRO and the Lack of Time

Well… I got some gaming in, just not as much as I would usually like. I seem to be trading off the entirety of my Saturdays to long bike rides, then the gym, then errands, and by the time it’s all done I might get an hour or two of gaming. That is, if I am not too worn out to concentrate on the game.

This past Saturday was much the same. I sat down late in the day to try and get my then level 49 Dragonknight to VR1 and got about 3/4 of the way through the level before I had to log. Sunday morning brought more gym time and in the late morning I sat down to try again. This time I made VR1 and then continued to finish cleaning up Coldharbor, as I had previously finished the main story line and progressed to the VR areas before actually hitting VR.

As I was working on saving Lady Laurent’s manservant Stibbons from a lusty daedra, I hit VR1. I played for a few more hours and then tried to switch over to LOTRO.

If you’ve read any of my recent posts on LOTRO, or have spoken with me regarding the game you’ll know that not only do I have a pretty good desire to play it, I also find it incredibly frustrating when I try. The game is just not what it was/what I want it to be, and all these little stupid things really dent my enjoyment.

After spending 45 minutes cleaning out my bags and another half hour respending points in all the various gimmicks (LIs, Skill Trees, Warsteeds) I was pretty much spent on the whole idea. I pushed on and got sent to a particular town in the Wold, before going to Wildermore (yes it’s been that long, I’ve not done Wildermore yet) that seems to have burnt down, but I have no recollection of it. I realize I need some refresher. So I take a step back from the book quests for a bit and decide just to play a little and get my feel for my character. Bleh! Boring. Couple that with the games lag, stuttering and long load times I was done.

It occurs to me that I REALLY want to see the story in this game through. I am a huge Tolkien geek and that was the reason I stuck around for so long. For the most part, in terms of pure story, I love Turbine’s writers angle. I want to see the conclusion through their characters eyes and perspectives.

There is now a finality in my feeling that I can not play my original characters anymore. It’s just too much of a pain in the ass to try. After my experiment of a fresh start on the Landroval server all I wanted to do was hop on my old Hunter and carry on. Yesterday proved that impossible.

In my last two short little dives back into LOTRO the only times I have enjoyed it was as a fresh new character. I figure it is because I am not attached to what they were once like my old toons, but rather getting to know them as they are currently. The problem is I’ve done the lvl 75 and under stuff so many times, it is tedious. I am guessing I have one last go in me. I could probably do one more character through all that stuff and then push on to the end.

The only questions are now, or wait until the end and then try it? What class? Warden, Champ and Captain have the most appeal to me right now.

After giving up yesterday I went downstairs with the intent to ponder on what exactly I wanted out of LOTRO while eating dinner… I ended up watching people nearly kill themselves on some Animal Planet show and forgot all about it. I probably got in 5 hours total of gaming this weekend. Booo.

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The unRight Stuff – Little Problems

Sig Kerman has been called back to the Space Center so he may take part in a secret mission. Mission Control decided that Flosiin Kerman would pilot the shuttle craft and trade places with Sig on Minmus. Flosiin packed the Command Module with cupcakes and beef jerky, and hit the GO button.


Though he is afraid of the dark, Flosiin had to wait for a night-time launch window…

It was not long before Flosiin had navigated the craft into a decent-enough trajectory with Minmus.


Hey! I can see my house from here!

Just before the Minmus transfer burn, Control came through on the ships intercom. *radio clicks* “Uhhh… This is Mission Control. We have a couple issues we need you to look at. *radio clicks* Go ahead Control. *radio clicks* It seems the launch sequence may have damaged the lander leg on the hatch side of the CM. Launch footage shows some material falling off the CM approximately two seconds after the engines engaged. It looks like parts of the lander leg. We’ll need you to go outside and inspect the landing gear. *radio clicks* Roger control. EVA to inspect landing gear. What’s the other issue? *radio clicks* Someone forgot to install batteries on the CM… *radio clicks and silence* *radio clicks* Commander Flosiin, repeat: no batteries on CM. *radio clicks* Roger that control. I have an idea. [Flosiin shuts off the radio]


Flosiin inspects the damaged lander leg…

Flosiin left the CM to inspect the lander leg. After deciding it would be easy enough to fix with some duct tape, he performed the repair and then set his mind on the battery issue. With no batteries, at some point the CM would run out of power. Things would get cold, air would get thin, and there would be no way to steer the craft. Luckily for Flosiin and later Sig, the CM was a three seater, and there was a bit of extra room. As it turns out there were a few extra EVA suits packed and Flosiin figured he could use the built in life support if needed, at least to get him to Minmus. He was not going to miss his chance at seeing the distant moon. He decided the steering issue was easily solved with RCS thrusters. There was more than enough monopropellant on board to use the RCS. A few days later, Flosiin was approaching Minmus and sure enough, the power ran out. He was not worried though. He would be landing on Minmus in a matter of hours and would not even need his EVA suit’s life support. He plotted a course towards Minmus Base Alpha and began the landing sequence.


With a little guidance from some mysterious force, Flosiin manages a flawless landing within 300m of Minmus Base Alpha…

The landing went off with out a hitch and before he knew it Flosiin was on his way over to the base to trade places with Sig, who would pilot the powerless lander back to Kerbin. The Minmus crew worried, but Sig knew it would go well… or he knew the miracles of cloning would save him in the end…

Traffic jam on the lander ladder. Sig stands on Flosiin's head.

Traffic jam on the lander ladder. Sig stands on Flosiin’s head.


Back to Kerbin! Sig wonders what his secret mission will be.

Back to Kerbin! Sig wonders what his secret mission will be.

Now observing Minmus as a small dot in the sky, Sig wonders if there will be sandwiches back at the Space Center...

Now observing Minmus as a small dot in the sky, Sig wonders if there will be sandwiches back at the Space Center…

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Game Your Fitness

Trex motivationOver the last few months I have noticed a trend among the gamers I interact with. Many are bucking the stereotype that gamers are lazy/unfit/etc.

I am not sure if this is a relatively new trend with more and more people, or if it has been going on for a while and I am just now noticing it, but the fact remains that you folks are out there lifting weights, running, cycling, or whatever else it is you do to get or stay fit.

Recently I’ve gained a bit of inspiration from some of you, and have also been told twice in the last week that I was someone else’s inspiration to get up and move. That is pretty awesome, and it lead me to trying to think of a way that we can challenge, motivate and help each other. I’ve decided to start a group on Fitocracy that will serve as a base for this goal.

If you are unaware, Fitocracy is a website/mobile app that allows you to track your exercises while earning points to ‘level up’, earn achievement badges, and more. It has quite a good number of features that any gamer will be somewhat familiar with and it adds some flavor to what would otherwise be boring data tracking. On top of that it has some social aspects that will allow for discussion about fitness topics, whether it be questions on how to do something, nutrition, asking for help or just idle chatter among like minded people.

All that is required is some sort of device with an internet connection, whether it be your computer or phone/tablet. There are mobile apps available in Google Play and iTunes, but they also have a mobile web browser version as well. Fitocracy offers a paid account, but the free accounts are just fine for this purpose.


Starting today and going through the weekend until Monday it will just be a discussion group on Fitocracy. On Monday the 14th of July (2014) I will begin to open challenges for things such as Most Points Earned, Distance (run and walk), Distance Running, Cycling, and whatever else the players have interest in.

So… Are you currently working on improving or maintaining your fitness? Are you thinking about getting started? I challenge you to join us, level up and game your fitness!

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently a couch potato, or if you’re Gregor Clegane. It doesn’t matter what your chosen activity is. You can run or walk, lift, pedal, row, chop firewood, whatever! As long as it is something that builds muscle or endurance, burns fat, improves strength or just makes you feel better, you’re welcome to join the game.



The unRight Stuff – Aviation Department – Prototypes and Stuff

While the majority of the crew are prepping a familiar rocket and lander in the Vehicle Assembly Building, Mission Control and Engineering have been scrambling trying to figure out how to handle efficiently moving Kerberries from space back to the planet.

Even though finding Kerberries is considered to be a life or death situation, the Kerbal’s little space program has budget constraints and launching rockets is expensive. The Government has offered grants and subsidies on the stipulation that the engineers develop a reusable launch system. It costs a lot of money to litter the skies and oceans with spent boosters and fuel tanks, and the Engineering Department must put a stop to it.

A janitor was playing with a rubber band powered toy airplane on his snack break when it hit him. Why don’t we fly air planes to space? He brought his idea to Dr. Herman Kerman and within minutes his toy airplane was confiscated and the janitor, Loco Kerman was volunteered to be the Test Pilot. Luckily for all involved, Loco used to bullseye kerbrats from his K-16, so surely he would be able to fly a space plane.

Six trash cans, four keruminum-steel fence posts and forty rolls of duct tape, plus some other random junk and refuse washed up on the shores of Kerbin later, Loco had a plane to pilot.

History in the making...

History in the making…

He and his aircraft were stuffed into a large egg-shaped fairing and sat ontop of the biggest liquid fuel bomb any Kerbal had seen at this point, and sent to just beyond the planet’s atmosphere.

Luckily for Loco, the Engineers and the Build Crew had enough of a handle on things to make the plane flyable, if a bit uncomfortable.

While he did mention a heatshield would have been nice, it is obvious that Loco enjoyed the re-entry effects. We think he might be a little bit... crazy?

While he did mention a heatshield would have been nice, it is obvious that Loco enjoyed the re-entry effects. We think he might be a little bit… crazy?

The mission went with out a hitch and Loco piloted his winged bicycle to a nice soft landing, and was ready for more.

Back at the Launch Pad, Commander Sig Kerman and his crew of misfits (Elyse, Cel, Brax and Fred) climbed into their seats on the TOMBSTONE Mk1 rocket and made way for Minmus. The flight recording of this event has been deemed classified information by the Government and it will not be aired on this channel, though we will tell you you are not missing much. It was excruciatingly boring, almost as if you’ve seen it once before.

Commander Sig Kerman tweeted this photo from the spacecraft's cupola. It shows Elyse Kerman goofing around in her EVA suit...

Commander Sig Kerman tweeted this photo from the spacecraft’s cupola. It shows Elyse Kerman goofing around in her EVA suit…

Sometime shortly after the Tombstone Lander touched down and Kerbonaut Fred stepped off the craft to establish Minmus Base Alpha, Loco was tearing a hole in the sky once again. This time he would ditch the air craft and test the parachute system. No one knew if it would work, but someone had to try it.

Safely on the ground after the first test flight, Loco waits for someone to bring him a snack, and take him home.

Safely on the ground after the first test flight, Loco waits for someone to bring him a snack, and take him home.

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Introducing The unRight Stuff

The Noob Crew got blown up. Bad decisions, pilot errors and the space kraken all decided to converge into the trifecta of chaos and destruction. All of the Noob Crew was lost along with any trace of their inhabitance on Minmus.


Through the miracles of cloning and persistent file editing, the crew will be reborn and will once again embark on a perfunctory attempt at colonizing Minmus. With a lot of luck, hundreds of thousands of gallons of Mt. Dew, probably double that in liquid rocket fuel, and a severe lack of parachutes; Kerbonaut Commander Sig Kerman will lead this gelastic crew of men and women to Kerbin’s pudding-moon, where hopefully they will successfully be able to harvest or otherwise procure the materials needed to make tons of Kerberry Pie.

The unRight Stuff

Commander – Sig Kerman
Co-Pilot – Elyse Kerman
Navigator and E.T. Liaison Officer – Cel Kerman
Aviation Department Director and Lead Test Pilot - Loco Kerman
Colony Head of Security and Chief Pie Inspector – Fred Kerman
Mistress of Snacks -Berry Kerman
Minister of Kitchen Gadgetry and Ale Overseer - Avadal Kerman
Pie Scientist: Noctavia Kerman
Biscuit Engineer and Organic Ballast: Brax Kerman
Communications Officer: Flosiin Kerman
Alien Kritter Kontrol Officer: Simcha Kerman
News and Media Relations Officer: CariMac Kerman
Mission Kontrol: Bob and Bill Kerman


Their Mission

A long drought has caused all of the Kerberry Plants on the planet Kerbin to die off. Kerbin’s citizens have an ample stock in their silos, but there is no telling if the plants will ever come back.

The race is on for a group of little green adventurers to search the galaxy and find a source of Kerberries before it is too late.

Long range scans and satellite data shows that there may be Kerberries on Minmus. At least, the surface appears to be the same color. Will the crew find success and eat pie? Or will they perish, hungry and frozen on the surface of the distant moon? Only time will tell.

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