On ESO, Destiny, Minecraft

I had an interesting conversation with someone on Twitter this morning about Minecraft. She stated it would have sold for more money had the game ‘looked better’.

I completely understand the viewpoint, as I am the first person to admit that I will ignore a game because I don’t like the graphics or art style. I am willing to miss what might be great game play if I can’t stand looking at the game. However, in the case of Minecraft, I firmly believe that a good portion of the reason it did so well and gained so much mass market appeal is because of the graphics.

“Retro” is a big thing right now, and the simple visuals allow for the game to be played on just about any device or machine with very little problem regardless of how great the machine’s spec’s are. Everything being square makes building pretty easy to do and still allows for some great imagination and creativity to thrive. Compare this to the similar aspects of Landmark and it’s steep learning curve.

I guess it was my Destiny

I had heard a lot of hype surrounding Destiny and being a shooter (which I am not a huge fan of due to my generally not being good at the PVP portions) I had pretty much ignored it. Yeah, some of the features sounded cool and it seemed to have an interesting story but I just didn’t get excited about it. I can’t get it on my preferred platform, and I really didn’t want to have to buy a PS4 for it.

As I was mostly ignoring it I didn’t really know a whole lot about it, and it was not until the day after it released that I found out it was on PS3, so despite not getting to see the apparent amazing graphics the XB1 and PS4 were seeing, and because of what a few friends were saying about the game; I decided to take a leap and basically bought the game on impulse. Something I rarely do with brand new full priced games.

I am extremely glad I did. This has got to be the most fun in an FPS I have ever had.

More on ESO Struggles

I am still having a very hard time deciding what I want out of a main character in ESO. I am fine just hopping back and forth between alts for the most part, but I REALLY want to take a toon and focus on it, get it to VR and gear it up, so I can have fun with my guild mates.

Still torn on what I want…

Rough Times in the Stonefalls

I have been having a blast in ESO since my move to the Ebonheart Pact and joining up with an awesome guild there. My playtime has not been with out frustration though. I am having an in-game identity crisis. I am having trouble finding a character/build I want to stick with for the long haul.

So far I’ve played two characters through the first zones and into Deshaan. Shortly after finishing the first set of quests there I have gotten the urge to try a different character. I’ve also got a third character to level 10 and have parked it in Cyrodiil, but have not touched it since.

There are just so many options and viable build combinations in ESO that I don’t know what I want to devote a ton of time to. This is somewhat normal for me as I will usually bounce around various characters for the first 4-6 months in a new MMO before deciding which class gets the greenlight for consumption of my soul.

Next up is a Nightblade tank build I’ve been messing with on ESOHead, I just need to come up with a good solid name for him – I’ll need him to have one to aid in any character attachment that may happen.


Are You a Gamer?


If you play games and someone thinks otherwise and that bothers you, fuck em! Who cares what they think anyway.

If you play games and you don’t think you’re a gamer? Too bad. Just play your games and don’t worry about it. It’s a simple fucking word.

TL:DR: Play your Candy Crush Saga and shut up.

Gaming Questions

I found this questionnaire via Contains Moderate Peril. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything so I figured I would answer it, to give my 3 readers something to look at for 2 minutes.

When did you start playing video games? When I was in Elementary School is the earliest I can recall. In the 80s.

What is the first game you remember playing? Some math game on an old Mac computer at school. You know the black and green screen? Maybe it was Oregon Trail.

PC or Console? I’ve played both quite a bit, but these days it’s mostly PC.

XBox, PlayStation, or Wii? Playstation

What’s the best game you’ve ever played? Knights of the Old Republic

What’s the worst game you’ve ever played? Oh man… What’s that fucked up one where you roll around collecting things? Katamari or something. That gets my vote.

Name a game that was popular/critically adored that you just didn’t like. WoW. I wanted to play it. It just didn’t do anything for me.

Name a game that was poorly received that you really like. Spore is the first one that comes to mind.

What are your favourite game genres? MMORPG

Who is your favourite game protagonist? FemShep, or Earthworm Jim. Haha

Describe your perfect video game. LOTRO before they fucked it up (HD ruined it, but let’s say Pre-Isengard)

What video game character do have you have a crush on? I’ve never met a video game character worthy of that sort of emotion.

What game has the best music? LOTRO, Riders of Rohan soundtrack is AMAZING.

Most memorable moment in a game: The big reveal in KOTOR.

Scariest moment in a game: All of the original Resident Evil when you’re 12-13 years old.

Most heart-wrenching moment in a game: When you think you accidentally deleted the wrong save or character

What are your favourite websites/blogs about games? Does my own count?

What’s the last game you finished? Technically? The main story line in Elder Scrolls Online. For a game with an ending? Hmmmm. I don’t recall.

What future releases are you most excited about? Star Citizen

Do you identify as a gamer? I identify myself as a lot of things.

Why do you play video games? For the epic loots!


Moving to the Ebonheart Pact

Over the weekend I made a huge decision regarding the future of my ESO career. I am leaving the Daggerfall Covenant and will be giving Ebonheart Pact characters 100% focus. The guilds I was playing with are too quiet or inactive and I set out to find a new one. I had recently just started a new toon on the EP side, as that was where I wanted to play in the first place, and ended up submitting an application to the Debaucherous Tea Party guild. Sound’s right up my alley!


My new toon is a heavy armor wearing, two hand sword swinging Sorcerer who dabbles a bit in Storm Calling, and will likely pick up a bow in a few levels when the weapon swap becomes available. Sigvar the Axe will be recreated and cloned, for the EP side, and plans for an NB healer are in the works too.

I will miss a handful of the TOG folks I was playing with, but the interaction was too few and far in between to anchor me there.

#ElderScrollsOnline #EbonheartPact #Blaugust (Since I don’t play by the rules, I am not actively doing 1 post a day for Blaugust, but I’m tagging this shit anyway)